The Invention For Those Of Us Who Think Loading Up Sucks

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Let me get that for you.

Imagine it- the weather is right. The trails are right. Your machine is dialed in. Only one thing stands in the way of you and adventure: the circus act that is setting up the ramps and driving your SxS into the bed of your truck.

If, like us, that takes some of the fun out of the process, we’ve found an invention that warrants a closer look. Post Falls, ID’s TuffLift reminds us all that hydraulics can be good for so much more than simply making your 6-4 Impala bounce down the street like a beach ball.

For around $7,500 these guys can set you up with a hydraulic lift that literally makes loading an unloading your ATV a push-button affair. While the pics are neat, check out the Youtube clips for the full impact of how awesome these things are.

Their official site can be found here.

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