2011 Kawasaki Contingency Program

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ATV racers are a tenacious lot. While it’s common for competitors in other sports to bail out just because the purses are low, ATV racer persevered even when the manufacturers were literally forced out of the sport. Rather than whine about the lack of contingency money or for that matter, even competitive OEM equipment, the sport continued to grow through an aftermarket that allowed riders to essentially build their own custom race rigs.

Fortunately those days are over and in addition to stock race machines, we have factory contingency to motivate us once again. The Kawasaki contingency program continues its commitment to Kawasaki racers with a payout totaling nearly million for the 2011 race season. Kawasaki’s impressive line-up of 2011 motorcycles makes it a perfect time to go green and get paid.

Kawasaki’s contingency not only boasts the most profitable payout in both off-road and motocross racing to date, but also offers industry-leading benefits. Every Kawasaki rider has access to our track-side support that offers free service, the confidence of riding race-proven machinery, and the ability to be a part of our Team Green dealer-assist program. The program is simple, easy, and quick to sign up for on the Kawasaki website.

“We are constantly striving to bring our customers the satisfaction of riding for a brand that is determined to bring them the best in race support,” said Reid Nordin, Team Green Manager. “We look at our customers as family and hope they feel the love with our continued commitment to them through our contingency and track-side programs.”

Being part of the program is as easy as following these steps:

1. BUY — Purchase a new or used 2010 or 2011 U.S. model Kawasaki

2. REGISTER — Online at kawasaki.com

3. RACE — Compete in any contingency paying event

4. WIN — There is no claim form to file. Payments are automatically deposited directly to a Kawasaki Contingency Card, which can be redeemed at any Kawasaki dealer and more than 32 million MasterCard retailers worldwide.

For class payouts and schedules, or more information and the official rules, please visit http://www.kawasaki.com/racing/

Anyone going to register? Discuss Kawasaki’s Contingency Program here!

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