Ask the Editors: Big Bore Chinese Scene

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Quality and country are not synonymous.

Dear ATVC: After looking at your coverage of the CFMoto Z10, I think this is going to be a game changer. Especially if it is priced right. My question is why don’t more Chinese companies take advantage of this untapped market?

Traditionally off-brand Chinese manufacturers have “played it safe” by mass producing small-bore engines; typically clones of older, expired Japanese patents. The reason for this tactic was to keep R&D costs to a minimum so that these savings could be passed on to the consumer.

Companies like CFMoto haven’t employed this technique; instead doing all of their own in-house development to create the machines they produce. Additionally, they can offer warranty packages and financing through their dedicated dealer network, proving that it is not the country of origin that determines quality, it is the responsibility of each manufacturer themselves.

That said, the times are changing. Gone are the no-name Chinese made ATVs that littered gas station and hardware store parking lots and in their place are offerings from Chinese manufacturers who have stood the test of time. Their choice of materials, tolerances, manufacturing process and quality assurance are second-to-none.

Of course, we’ll be paying more for this type of craftsmanship but in the long run, consumers are still money ahead when reliability and customer service come into play down the road.

CFMoto may be one of the first Chinese brands to take on the 1000cc side-by-side class but they won’t be the last. We’ve already been hearing promising things about some new 900cc Ridge side-by-sides from a company called Troxus. Their new $12-million manufacturing plant is slated to output 50,000 large-displacement ATVs and side-by-sides annually. The engines (including a 900cc v-twin) were developed by the Troxus R&D team and are made by sister company Zheijiang Topso Technology Co., Ltd.

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