Ask the Editors: Rare Mini Plastic Help

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Need a new body. Something younger.

Dear ATVC: My son has managed to destroy the body on his jp502 50cc Dinli. Any idea where i can find a replacement? New, used, aftermarket, anything? Per the manual believe part number f070001. Thanks. garyjr.

Well we have some good news and some bad news. First off it seems that the OEM Dinli plastic has been all but unobtainable in the past few years.

We actually located an eBay listing claiming to have the last two complete body kits in the United States. Unfortunately they have since sold out but we suspect the seller wasn’t exaggerating.

Now the good news- we placed a few calls and it appears that many of the other 1-piece 50cc plastics can be made to work with a little mounting hole relocation drill work. This eBay listing here is an example of one such readily available kit. What we would do before ordering is drop the seller a line to let them know the exact make and model you are working with and ask which of their plastic kits they would recommend.

The only other option at your disposal would be to pick up an ATV plastic welder (like this Polyvance $70.95) if you believe his original plastics can still be salvaged.

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