Ask the Editors: Yamaha Blaster Gasket Blues

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Is a new gasket the only answer?

Dear ATVC: I ordered a new top end kit for my Yamaha Blaster from Everest parts, and everything seems to be legit. I accidentally put a very very slight tear in the paper gasket (which has decent thickness to it) but do you think this will cause a problem? I also heard of people making their own gaskets, which I was considering. I also found some gasket paper at an auto shop, will it works the same? Jacobo_4

Good news- you’re worrying needlessly. You should still be able to use the OEM gasket you ordered with the small tear in it.

What you’ll want to do before reinstalling the top end is to head to the store and pick up a tube of Yamabond 5 Liquid Gasket (we’ve even encountered it at Wally World for $6.95 per tube). If you can’t find it by name, most any store that deals in auto or marine parts will have a tube of gasket sealant on hand.

Now, when lining up the gasket with the head, make sure it’s properly in place and all the bolt holes line up then coat the entire gasket with a very fine layer of sealant. Apply thinly and evenly- right over the tear. Finally tighten everything up to the proper specs.

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