Ask The Editors: Is There Such Thing as a Factory 3 to 4-Wheeler?

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Dear ATVC:

I was looking at a four-wheeler on Criagslist and the seller said it started out as a Honda 3-wheeler that was converted into a quad with a factory kit. Did anyone actually make a kit that converted 3-wheelers into 4-wheelers or do you think this was just a custom weld job and a BS story?

Amazingly enough, when the 3-wheeler ban first took place in the late 1980s, there were a host of companies that manufactured and marketed 4-wheel conversion kits like the one you encountered.

These kits are of course no longer being made though every once in a while one surfaces for sale on sites like eBay. They weren’t particularly cheap even when new with an average price of about $2000 (not taking into consideration the cost of the 3-wheeler itself).

While the rarity/ oddity of a converted 3-wheeler sounds like it should increase the resale value, the fact of the matter is that over time collectors have come to desire vintage machines in as close to stock condition as possible.

Oh and on a final note the general consensus at the time concerning these converted ATVs was that the handling of the 3-wheelers was greatly increased by adding that fourth wheel though the fit, finish and reliability paled in comparison to the four-wheelers coming from the OEMs of the era.

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