Friday Funny: Wackiest ATV Ads on the Net

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We all know the internet is chocked full of bizarrity, oddity and kookiness.. and that’s just talking about the people! We here at ATV Connection like to point out the more, um, mechanically unique silliness on the web. To that end, here’s three digs from actual classified ads. You’ve been warned!

#3) Aerodynamic Dynamo

Who says that just because some guy in a tank top lacks the budget of Yamaha and Honda that an ATV’s aerodynamic R&D must suffer? This kart er mower or quad or whatever it is boasts such goodies as a custom-built muffler painted red to match the rims and steering wheel spokes, a CB radio and oh yea that goofy hood to keep wind sheer down. As a bonus said hood protects the operator from the sun’s harmful UV rays. We’re thinking hiding one’s face from the inevitable ridicule is the real bonus of the design. The ad’s lister doesn’t bother with an asking price, instead going with the ever popular, “make an offer”. We wouldn’t know where to begin.

#2) Four Wheels of Trouble

The next listing that caught our attention was this specimen from Atlanta Georgia. For a mere $1200, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the laughing stock of your neighborhood. For just a moment pretend you’re not concerned with the exhaust-system turned upper shocks mount, the front left wheel pointing toward the next county over and the abundant cables looping about just begging to get snagged on every branch, briar and bush in the forest and get ready for such features as a throttle lifted directly from a Harley-Davidson and not one but two clutch levers. Something tells us this one doesn’t include any sort of factory warranty. Or for that matter, would be acknowledged by any factory on the planet.

#1) Retro Style Headache

Okay so the 1970s have a bit of a bad rap thanks to the whole exposed chest hair, gold chains, afros and disco thing but all that’s forgivable compared to what was going on in the ATV industry!

Here we have a 1974 something or other that its seller claims received such custom bits as a 340cc Kohler engine, a front lawnmower tire and a lounge chair stolen directly from his wife’s back porch. Sadly this one’s listed as not currently running on account of carb issues causing the machine to “flood itself out”. Here’s the good news: The asking price reflects the fact that this ATV needs some work at $250. Ironically the seller is considering trades for a running 3-wheeler or a new lounge chair.

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