Gibbs Sports Creates Amphibious ATV

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ATV’s are useful because they’re can go anywhere. They’re called all-terrain-vehicles, and for the most part, they are. Regardless of the type of land, there’s an ATV that can drive over it. Where they fall flat, of course, is where there isn’t any land. Quads and UTV’s might be great for traversing horrible terrain, but what if there’s a river in your way? Or a lake? You can’t just drive over that. Or at least, you used to not be able to drive over that. Gibbs Sports has come up with a solution to the water problem. They call it: The Quadski.

If the name sounds like a combination of Quad and Jetski, that’s because it is. This is an amphibious ATV. While the concept alone isn’t exactly a new one, this is the first one that we’ve seen in a quad configuration for a single rider. Most amphibious vehicles are six to eight wheeled behemoths. They’re not exactly nimble like the Quadski proposes to be.

The Quadski can get up to 45mph both on land and in the water. It’s not Raptor 700R, but whatever. The Raptor 700R also won’t float when you take a wrong turn into a river. Luckily, it only takes four seconds to retract the wheels in case you end up in the water accidentally.

None of that is tempered by the price. They’re asking $40,000 for this thing. I mean, I get it. “No one has sold an amphibious quad before!” “Think of all the research and development that went into it!” All that’s true, fine and dandy. At the end of the day though, you could’ve bought a Mustang GT or Camaro SS. I’m not saying that those are equivalent purchases (obviously no one is going to take a Camaro off-road and into a lake), but 40k is really expensive.

Check it out in action below. Let us know what you think of amphibious contraption!

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