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Keeping Your Hands Warm in Cold-Weather Riding


undefinedundefined As ATV enthusiasts, we like to ride year-round, regardless ofweather conditions. However, enduring the long Pennsylvania winter can get frustrating. One of the main problems we have are those darn cold hands. Sometimes they getundefinedundefined so cold it becomes a control issue. Yeah, sure we have tried electric gloves or even putting on more than one pair, but both of these alternatives are uncomfortable. The best solution to cold These super-handy items replace the handgrips on your quad and are heated by utilizing your hands that we’ve seen so far is Hot Grips. ATVs’ electrical system. For this magnificent idea we can thank Jim Hollander, a member of the United States Enduro Team. After experiencing a loss in time in one of his International Six-Day events due to extreme cold, he came up with the idea for heated handlebar grips. The grips are made of Kraton rubber (soft and flexible) with hot leads and ground wires that let electrical current flow through the copper core. They are slightly thicker than factory grips, more comfortable and have been universally praised by snowmobilers, motorcyclists, motocross riders and, of course, ATV riders. Each grip is fabricated to fit whichever your toy might be.
Riding in the cold

undefined    We tested the Hot Grips with an ambient air temperature of30-degrees. Not extremely cold, but riding at 20 MPH will make the wind chill a mere 4-degrees. The grips worked extremely well, even when placing cold hands on the grips, they warm right up. They worked so well that at 30-degree temps, we used the “low” setting. For curiosity sake we took our gloves off to see if it still kept our hands warm. Palms and fingers were kept real toasty, but the backs got a little chilly, so we suggest wearing gloves at all times. The grips take approximately 30 seconds to warm up and a couple of minutes to heat to capacity. They do cool down rather fast.
    We give the Hot Grips a warm thumbs up for cold weather riding. Installation is fairly simple, and the thickness and texture of the Kraton rubber exceed the comfort of OEM grips. The purchase price of will seem trivial when compared with cold hands out on the trail. The only thing worse than riding with cold hands, is riding with cold feet. —Hmmm, maybe “Hot Floorboards?”

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