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undefinedPro Armor is very proud to introduce top quality Nerf Bars for the  ATV market. Pro Armor Nerf Bars were designed and engineered to be the strongest, most durable nerf bars on the market. We developed Nerf Bars which not only fit and look great, but Nerf’s which could handle the rigorous battles of racing.

Some of the Pro Armor Nerf Bar features include:

  • 1. A unique, strong and easy way of mounting the nerf bars to the ATV. This method eliminates any “U” bolts and makes the mounting stronger by using a sleeved mount which fits up against the ATV frame. Both side of the nerfs are bound inside a tig welded tube for a positive mount.

  • 2.Maximum coverage. Pro Armor nerf bars cover all the way up ahead of the front wheel for added safety and better esthetics.

  • 3.Made from heavy wall 6061-T6 aluminum tubing then heat treated for maximum strength. Also available in steel with a polished chrome finish.

    4.Completely Tig welded for maximum penetration and strength.undefined

  • 5.Heavy duty “triple hook” net mounts and nylon netting ensures longevity and strength.

  • 6.Netting comes in different colors to match different ATV makes. Black, red, green and yellow.

  • 7.Built-in heel plates are incorporated into the nerf bars. Pro Armor Nerf Bars will allow you to eliminate the stock, plastic heel guards and use the nerf’s built-in heel plates to ensure maximum safety. Unlike most competitors Nerf’s which require the removal of the OEM heel guards and leave you with little or no heel protection.

  • 8.Pro Armor Nerf Bars have great looks, maximum coverage and utmost durability

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