SprocketList Weekly ATV Find: Sniffing Out Good Deals So You Don’t Have To

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Each week we rummage around SprocketList in the hopes of uncovering some spectacular deal on a nice used ATV so as to offer hope to those in need of a new (or new to them) set of wheels for the upcoming season.

This week we happened across an ad that takes us to a place called Hughes, AR.

The specimen in question grabbed our attention due to its unbeatable asking price. Thanks to unrivaled metallurgy and quality componentry, nothing holds resale value like a Honda.

This 2001 Honda Recon 250 is said to run great and has new wheels & tires. The seller says the only reason for selling is a need for some quick cash, as in it’s down to selling the ATV or his race-car and he’s not quite ready to give up his NASCAR ambitions. The asking price is a very reasonable $1300 and the ad even states that trading may be an option.

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