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ATV Video: KTM 525 Snow Crash Ballet

Spotting a KTM 525 XC in the wild is rare enough. Spotting one attempting a wintry hill-climb set to classical music? Only on Youtube!

  Comments | By - December 29, 2016

Ask the Editors: Help Me Decide On My Trail Quad

Dear ATVC: Hello I am new to the forms and was looking for opinions on which ATV to get for trail riding. I was looking at a YFZ450 and TRX450 and was wondering if that’s too much for what I need. I want something fast and has a lot of power. Are there any 4×4 […] More »

  Comments | By - May 2, 2016

Rare ATV Sighting: Husaberg Enforcer

If someone asked you what was the rarest production performance quad ever made, you might be tempted to tell them about the Suzuki LTR500 (or as it was more commonly known, the Quadzilla). Nobody would fault you if you decided to answer with any one of the 4 ATVs KTM produced briefly. Maybe you’d even […] More »

  Comments | By - December 31, 2015

KTM ATV to Snowmobile Transformer Concept

Designer/ artist Anssi Mustonen has developed a concept KTM that has both the ATV and Snowmobile industry’s collective attention. The KTM X2 HYBRID concept is an ingenious design with manages to offer the off-road capabilities of an ATV, with the on-snow abilities of a snowmobile. It does this through a modular construction technique where the […] More »

  Comments | By - October 27, 2015

Dream Machines: KTM 380SX 2-Stroke ATV

While their run in the North American ATV market was tragically brief (thanks to an economy that tanked right when the performance ATV scene was heating up), there is little doubt that KTM left quite a mark on the industry. Revered for their nimble handling chassis, rip-roaring engine packages and goodies rarely seen at the […] More »

  Comments | By - April 30, 2015

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