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ModdedX 03-15-2001 12:17 PM

What is the best width for XC? I see most use stock a-arms, but looks like some are running a little more offset out on their wheels.

Right now my width is about 42.5" front and 44" Rear. I get through the trails just fine around here and I am only about an inch or two wider than a stock 400ex.


Zorro 03-15-2001 12:36 PM

That's a good question!!
I'm asking myself those kind of question. I just inverted my rims (gives like +2 or +4...don't remember). I'm still not as wide as my buddy stock scrambler (talking about wheels and axle/aarms only), but I still hit on the side sometimes. I'll have to wait for the snow to melt before I can see if widening the shee was a good idea or not.

ModdedX 03-15-2001 12:42 PM

I do just fine around our trails. Some are really tight and I brush on some but thats what the nerf bars are for, to help me slide around things.

I think I will keep it the same and give it a whirl... I dod have to get some Holeshot XC's for the front. They will be a little wider than my Marshalls so I may go with a 2inch out and 3inch in wheel, that should give me about the same width...

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