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anyone else been scammed by dealership

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Default anyone else been scammed by dealership

If you don't get anywhere on the phone. Write Honda a letter about your buying experience. Don't leave anything out. There should also be an address in your manual. If you write them. They will call.

I wrote them once and they called.[img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img]
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Default anyone else been scammed by dealership

I dont know the laws there but in IL. you can only charge a $50 document fee Max. includes car dealers, boat,atv ect.. I worked for a ATV store and that is B.S. they cant charge you a calibration fee. If so whats the set up fee for. Call and keep calling I think you will get alot of your money back.
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Default anyone else been scammed by dealership

I talked to Metro several times on the phone before I made my atv purchase. They are always advertising killer deals in the Auto & RV trader.....some too good to be true.

When I first talked to the guy on the phone I asked him for and OTD price. After some reluctancy he gave me one and I told him that I would call them back if I was going to make the trip up to see them. A few weeks went by and I pulled all of my prices together and Metro was indeed the lowest price (by quite a bit). I called them back to arrange a time to come and pick up the atv and to see what colors they had in stock.

I told the salesman what I was interested in and that I had received a price of ........(can't remember exactly) a few weeks ago and I would like to pick it up that weekend if the OTD price was still good. He said "yes, of course it would be. Do you want us to deliver it to you for free?". I asked him how that would work since I was planning on financing a portion of it and he stated that they would fill out all the paperwork and I just needed to sign off on it (very scetchy). When I asked if the price that they quoted me would be the the price on the bottom of the sheet for me to sign when they drop it off and if it wasn't I would be sending the quad right back to Michigan with the driver.

Here's where it changes

He then says "Well there are some small additional charges that are captured under the purchase of any ATV no matter where you go" I then tell him that I had asked for an OTD price not an OTD price with additional charges. Anyhow, I ask what the charges were and the price schedule was much the same as yours...Total equaled almost $2000. I'm loosing patience by this point...... I then ask him how these could be "standard" charges if every dealer has estabilished different "standard" charges. He gives me some BS answer and then I ask how it would work if I had cash to put down on the offer. Would I give it to the driver? He then says, "no, you would deal directly with the finance company through your payment schedule we have established. Why would you want to put money down when you only have $39 payments. All you have to do is sign your name and pay $39 a month and your set man.....long pause....who cares about the upfront cost, your going to have a kick....quad and all your wife will see is the $39 payment. "CLICK"----that was me hanging up the phone.

I paid a little more for the atv itself going through a local dealer but it was a fair deal...he knocked $300 off of MSRP, Installed Plow for free, free winshield, free first service, No Freight, No Setup, No charges other than tax and a $20 document fee. Actually, the total price was over $1000 less than what Metro would have been. Plus, what I financed was at a fair 5.9%.....not this under inflated low rate just to get it in your garage.

FYI - I also had a different local dealer try to do the same thing and they got the same results.....except it was BANG.....that was me slamming their door. It's not only out of state dealerships trying to put the screws to their customers.
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Default anyone else been scammed by dealership

I am sorry I know I am going to get slammed for this but I have been on both sides of counter. Dealers dont really make alot of money on the vehicles themselves. We make the most of our money on parts and accessories. 50% usually so its hard to hear a customer screaming over you trying to make 500-1000 on a vehicle that costs you over a 1000. You dont think about the taxes they pay, insurance,paperwork, sending tech to school ect... Sorry just thought you hear the other side. The business is cut throat even more with the internet so its sad that some of these places try to get there customers by tricking them into a false great deal. Stick with your hometown dealer, he is the guy you will see at the local race or gathering he doesnt want you pissed and will usually keep you happy.
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Default anyone else been scammed by dealership

5999.00 vehicle
1250.00 destination charge
695.00 pre paid freight
175.00 custom assembly fee
160.00 documentation
total price now 8279.00

then it went on
160.00 vehicle controls calibration/prep
525.00 extended service plan
249.00 tire and wheel safeguard
So why are you complaining now?

You bought it!

Why didn't you walk out?

Why blame the dealer when you fell for the deal???
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Default anyone else been scammed by dealership

I don't believe you were scammed. Scamming takes your money and you get nothing for your money. It sounds like you took an ATV home with you.

You were baited by an artifcially low price and choose to pay the inflated surcharges. I see that as 50 % your fault. You could have left and gone to a different dealer. It's too late to whine about it now.

Last summer I replaced a couple of stolen ATV's. I got the OTD price as a package for 2 machines from 4 dealers. They all knew I was getting a minimum of 4 quotes. I explicitly defined "out the door price" so there was no confusion. I gave each a printout from the internet on the exact machine specs including color that I wanted. And I told them I would make my decision the following Friday. The salesman from my local dealer called on Wednesday to see if he got my business and I told him that he was not the lowest bidder. He asked what the lowest bid was and I told him that would give him an unfair advantage and refused to give it to him. He asked if he could adjust his bid and I said yes. Guess what---he was $150 lower than the lowest bid. He knew exactly where he had to be to get the deal with out me telling him. Did I get a steal like some of the prices I read about on this forum? Nope. But I did feel like I got a fair price.

Take the advice from the previous posters the next time you shop. Ask for out the door price. Don't be afraid to walk out. I would guess that there are several dealers within a 75 mile radius of your home that will give you an OTD price. Don't discuss financing until the deal is done. Be prepared to walk.
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Default anyone else been scammed by dealership

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Default anyone else been scammed by dealership

Originally posted by: wrastlinfan
thanks coyote the phone is ringing as i type
Any update?
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Default anyone else been scammed by dealership

matter of fact yes glad you asked, first off i started this thread not looking for sympathy but more so to let the consumer as us be aware of the fact that some dealerships out there take unfair advantage of us and exploit the named dealership for hopes nobody else gets taken as my wife and i did the reason i griped was i was assured by the finance manager anything in bold print on my itemized bill of sale was a bonified honda charge that could not be negotiated ie: $500 destination $695 prepaid freight $175 custom assembly $160 calibration $249 tire and wheel safeguard etc. i've never owned a honda and found it hard to believe that they differ so much from the other brands as far as their mandatory charges but after it all sunk in and after reviewing it at home and with your help on this forum i realized a sad reality i was hosed and i spoke to a honda corporate represenative and they told me that this dealership has several complaints against them and also that the so called mandatory charges on my bill of sale were by no means dictated by honda which made me feel a little better and he assured me they will get this resolved, this is just my main area of gripe i will not even get into the forged and doctored credit application that they produced to honda finance company ( whole other story ) they'll do anything to sell a machine thats it for now i'll keep anyone interested updated.
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Default anyone else been scammed by dealership

Any more news?


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