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Old 06-15-2009, 04:32 PM
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its a lot easier to have them haul there own and waste there own gas lol. Beings I have a 16ft trailer and a f350 I'm always stuck hauling everones quaud so you learn to piggy back them or modify your trailer like jaybeecon said
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Old 06-15-2009, 09:33 PM
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Sound advice there. "Hey, watch this........"
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Originally Posted by rufdod View Post
thanks, i like the idea of the 2x12s if it came down to it, but id rather make my friends haul their own quads and stop using me ha, but thanks
Seriously - If the cop had written a note on your citation for the max fine, then you are looking at a $300 bill. You may not be able to get out of it at all but if you do nothing to prove that it cannot happen again, then it's a sure thing thta the ticket will stand.

However, if you can show that you changed to a larger trailer or modified your trailer for safe two ATV hauling then you may get off with a warning or just court costs. $300 will go a long way towards a new trailer - it will certainly pay for making the mods to the existing one.

It's probably worth the shot. No guarantees as it depends on the judge and what mood he is in but if you can prove that it's a lesson learned that will not be repeated it may get dropped.
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Old 06-15-2009, 11:54 PM
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Default You were lucky you did not loose control...

When you get a moment please go to Dangerous Trailers.org.
Since 1976 14,840 people have been killed,, Since 1988 over 449,000 people have been injured and Since 1988 over 1,500,000 personal property has been destroyed or damaged including ATV's and Ski Doos.

Please note that 8 police officers, 2 firemen and 1 FBI agent have been killed by trailers that come loose and fly across the highway and kill people.

Most often they are not using safety chains, or putting the pin in the hole.

I have captured over 85 violations in the past week.

We have people who make them homemade with no idea what they are doing.... So my suggestion to you is acept the ticket because the next time your trailer can come loose and take someone's life.

The Family's in Maryland that lost their Fireman are bring a 19.1 million dollar lawsuit.

How would your family cope with this type of lawsuit.

These companies make them cheap... in fact one company called CARRY ON trailer spent over $7,500 and NATM has spent over 100,000 dollars in lobby money.

Carry On trailers tried to undo my "Reflector Tape Law" In Virginia because it cost about $8.00 dollars to comply.

These trailers have non working lights almost 50 per cent of the time.

Would you acept an ATM machine not working 50 per cent of the time?

So I thought that if a Firetruck, School Bus and a Tractor Trailer must have reflector tape on them... why not a black trailer that you can't see at night should have them.

Also please note that NO FEDERAL guildlines are in place for a Trailer Hitch.

and here is a summary of an accident in Virginia...
This is why I have not been able to get more done in Virginia.

Committees associated with this candidate:
Contributions Reported by Wittman Committees from
Carry-on Trailer Inc

Location: Lavonia, GA
Industry: Miscellaneous Manufacturing

>From through (select all years )
All Receipts Cash In-Kind Loans Contributions Totaling $5,000
Amount Date Committee Description
$2,500 03/21/2007 Wittman for Delegate - Robert Cash Donation
$2,500 09/27/2005 Wittman for Delegate - Robert Cash Donation

Here is the last page of the Crash Team's Report:

"In Summary, this crash was caused when a homemade trailer detached from the pick up
that towed it. It struck a Cadillac traveling in lthe opposing lanes of traffic, fatally
injuring the driver. Trailers are a special class of vehicle and all are subject to some
requirements regarding lights and chains. While the Code exempts some smaller trailers,
those designed to carry over 3000 pounds are required to have brakes and to be inspected
beyond the initial visual confirmations of a VIN plate.

CHAINS AND HITCHES. The purpose of this TECHNICAL ALERT is to draw attention
to the POTENTIAL dangers of unsafe trailers on roadways in the Commonwealth. In many
cases, towed trailers may be in OBVIOUS violations of safety codes that relate to lighting,
braking and inspection requirements. Wherever possible, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS
should be trained in ways to quickly and easily identify such vehicles. In other cases, a trailer
may meet all legal requirements but still be hazardous when used in transportation. THE TEAM

So yes.... I applaud the officer for finially enforcing the law.

My suggestion is to look at this video..

YouTube - Towing Safety, Mark's RV Garage

The next time you are driving.. it is my hope that someone in front of you does not loose their trailer.
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Old 06-16-2009, 12:08 AM
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Your trailer has no set standards,,, what type of hitch were you using,,, what size is the ball?

Your tires that are used on these types of trailers are they ST Rated?

Did you read the whole 34 page manual front to back?

If people read the manual then people would know how to program a VCR.

Did you cross your Safety Chains?

In fact 8 states do not require or mandate SAFETY CHAINS... Kentucky is one of them.

We have 3 families that don't know who killed their loved ones because the person who lost their trailer did not stop.

We can form a "Utility Trailer Hit Man Company" and get Tony Saprano to be an investor and go across the highway and kill anybody and guess what happens in Most states.............

Nothing... you get a fine for unsecured load.... In Maryland the man that killed 3 people got a 60 dollar fine and no jail time.


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Old 06-16-2009, 11:59 AM
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Actually I do take it personally after 13yrs. of being in the Fire Service and having to extricate people from their vehicles that have hit something that has fell off a trailer or when they had to swerve to miss something and end up in the woods, from a situation that could have been totally avoided if people would just think about the possible consequences.
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Old 06-16-2009, 03:55 PM
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Please be advised:
Actually I do take it personally after 13yrs. of being in the Fire Service and having to extricate people from their vehicles that have hit something that has fell off a trailer or when they had to swerve to miss something and end up in the woods.

That Two Firemen were killed on the Bay Bridge in Maryland because of a homemade trailer that came loose and nobody is doing anything about these trailers.

Go here to view the story...
Firemen Killed

So what do our organization do? We got the Governor to enact this:

Guess what happend to the TASK Force... Yes... the Utility Trailer Industry lobbied and killed the Task Force...

The Task Force never happend....

Again... Why?
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Old 06-23-2009, 12:45 AM
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The real issue in this case was clearly that the quads were not secured. Although working lights do seem to be an issue a lot. I was just trying to convince some freinds to put some on thier trailer and buy decent straps Saturday. They beleive they are not needed or required because you can still see the truck lights. Personally I dont loose sleep over the possibility of losing 19.1 million dollars but I am quite concerned about my quad that I paid my hard earned money for and would also prefer not to get anyone hurt. I probably go overboard my homeade 2 quad trailer could handle a car with stiffer springs and axle it has good lights considerable amount of DOT reflective tape eavy duty chains and heavy duty ratchet straps for the quads despite the heavy duty side braces and tailgate.
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Old 06-23-2009, 10:43 PM
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i beleve taillights are required here in mn on any trailer. and yes i agree. with the taillights. i dont care if u can see the pulling vehicles taillights. all it takes is a odd angle and then you cat see them. and or you cant plan on what ur putting in the trailer. muchless theres idiots out there who have no idea how to walk are out there car/truck to check lights. all cars and most trucks have 3 brake lights. when 2 of the 3 lights are out theres an issues. but i guess either its to hard, or there to lazy to look. id like to just go up to them and punch them in there face. and tell them to " check ur fing brake lights you lazy bastard". and i have yelled at one person for 2/3rds or there lights out. iv evon seen people with "NO" brake lights.
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Old 06-23-2009, 11:37 PM
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wow i feel sorry for that guys quad.. lol
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Old 06-24-2009, 11:47 PM
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I would just plead guilty in court. I think you are lucky to get out of it with that small of a fine. Something very bad could have happened.
It doesnt make sense to me that a strap would break or come loose because the atv isnt level. Your staps probably werent secured good enough. Next time double check your straps, id use an extra one, and make sure there is no way for it to come off the trailer. I dont picture one axle being on the rail a problem if it is strapped properly.
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