Ask the Editors: Let There Be Music. In My Helmet

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Sweet, sweet music.

Dear ATVC: Looking for Bluetooth speakers for my helmet for listening to music while riding. Any recommendations? claycope

When it comes to bumping beats while you ride, you have a whole plethora of options at your disposal. We usually recommend going with a bar or rack-mounted outdoor speaker system on account of the fact that they typically provide sound without sacrificing the rider’s ability to hear the ambient noise around him- including what his own machine’s doing as well as the exhaust note of other machines in the vicinity.

However, you asked specifically for Bluetooth helmet speaker configurations so it’s those we’ll be taking a look at.

You have a few options- the first of which is to purchase one of countless helmet speaker mount kits like those available from Sena that will allow you to mount just about any small Bluetooth speaker of your choosing but is made specifically for their replaceable speaker pad system. A complete universal clamp setup goes for around $80.

Your next option is to run Bluetooth wireless earbuds, which of course wouldn’t mount within the helmet itself so much as directly within your ears but this method also has some benefits- like the ability to run just one rather than both (so that you can still hear around you), perfect compatibility with your device, and affordability.

The next method would be to look into a curved helmet speaker like the affordable Wheel Up– a rechargeable all-weather speaker with sticky tape on one side with which to affix to the inside of your helmet. These are sold for around $12.50 apiece. About the biggest downside to these is that they are often shipped from overseas warehouses and can take a few weeks to arrive.

A company called Syphon Sound has a product designed specifically for delivering sound over off-road conditions called The Soundwrap. It’s a flexible speaker sound system that uses patented EFL technology for a helmet sound system so thin (1/10″ thin), comfortable and loud (99+ dbs) that nothing else like it exists on the market today. The downside here is that you’re going to have to pay to play – to the tune of $199

The last option at your disposal would be to pick up a set of ultra-affordable Bluetooth handsfree Motorcycle Helmet Headset like this one through an eBay merchant for around $15. They typically don’t have the greatest quality sound but its certainly decent for the price and they are designed to work with Apple and Android devices right out of the box.

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