Ask The Editors: Kickstarter Part Help

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This is the spindle you’re looking for.

Dear ATVC: I got a 1986 Honda 200X and the main problem is the kick start shaft; it´s broken in the end, where the kick start pedal goes. So I´m trying to buy a new OEM part (28251-HB5-010) but when I search the part the Honda Fourtrax TRX200 comes up. I have no idea if both shared the spindle I´m looking for or if I have the wrong part #. Can somebody please help?

Good news, part number 28251-HB5-010 does indeed refer to the 1986-87 Honda ATC 200X kickstarter gear spindle.

Take a look at the following schematic- the part number in question refers to #7. While this particular online retailer claims to be out of stock on it presently, any Honda dealer should be able to order you the part.

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