ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

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Living the dream.

Let’s face it, the idea of taking our ATVs and SxSs on the road is a very appealing one. And while most of the country designates such machines as for off-road use only, the news coming out of WI is that talks are underway to open all county highways for use by all-terrain and utility-task vehicles in one county.

Under the current county ordinance, ATV riders are allowed to use only designated portions of Douglas County, WI roads and it has been this way since 2009. And in that time there have been no major ATV accidents in which a vehicle struck an ATV on a county highway.

If passed, the county could require riders to have valid driver’s licenses to ensure riders aren’t circumventing drunken driving revocations by using an ATV instead.

Should this pass, we would be very hopeful that other counties in other states would follow suit with similar ordinances in the future.

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