ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

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And then there was one.

Did you know that a little over a decade ago you had 9 choices if you’d decided you wanted to pick up a brand new 450cc manual clutch performance ATV.

The mid 2000s was a stock racing ATV renaissance; the second coming after the factories were on board in the early to mid 1980s with 250cc two-strokes.

Today only one manufacturer in the world holds the fort in the 450cc sport quad arena: Yamaha.

Bonus Fact: This is not the first time Yamaha stuck to its performance guns while the industry turned its attention on utility and beginner machines; They kept their 350cc and 200cc two-strokes (Banshee and Blaster) and 350cc four-stroke (Warrior) lines up and running right up until the new generation of performance 4-strokes (including their own Raptor 660R) took over.

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