Friday Funny: Ramin Meets Front Rack

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Now we’re not sure if this guy’s name is like Raymond without the d at the end or whether it’s pronounced like those 10 for $1 packages of noodles. What we do know is that the influence of Youtube hasn’t been kind to his sense of judgment.

And like most Youtube specimens we’ve encountered, Ramin foregoes a helmet in favor of the protection his hair gel provides, riding gear for jeans and a hoody, boots for his tennis shoes and a sport quad for a much heavier utility machine. And like the finest the ‘Tube has to offer- it all goes wrong for Ramin.

The good news? His poor judgment allows for an opportunity to visually inspect the construction of his ATV’s rack and to test the durability of his front right shock in the process. Ramin, show us how it’s done…

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