SprocketList Weekly ATV Ad: Sniffing Out Good Deals So You Don’t Have To

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Each week we rummage around SprocketList in the hopes of uncovering some spectacular deal on a nice used ATV so as to offer hope to those in need of a new (or new to them) set of wheels for the upcoming season.

This week we happened across an ad that takes to a place called West Frankfort, IL where one of the most reliable, versatile sport ATVs ever built can be found.

The ad goes on to state that this is a 2003 Honda TRX300EX for sale or trade that boasts such goodies as a DG exhaust, mild cam and race-cut front fenders.

The seller does admit that while the machine runs great, new rear tires are going to be on the new owner’s short-term to-do list.

$1200 is the asking price but the quad’s current owner is entertaining trades in the form of dirt oval karts, 600 mini sprints or whatever else you may have of similar value.

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