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SS Camaro - Track trips, build pics etc.

Old 11-21-2015, 02:40 PM
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Default SS Camaro - Track trips, build pics etc.

These events happen over about a 2-3 year period, all condensed down for easy viewing.

Trip 1: Had a small meet up right before the track:

Name:  4.jpg
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Size:  153.8 KB

Name:  9.jpg
Views: 292
Size:  131.4 KB

Name:  10.jpg
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Size:  106.7 KB

Track was pretty full and we started late, so i only got 2 runs. First run:

Far lane: 98 Z28, built M6, 4.10s, VR reverse split cam, stock heads, full exhaust, bolt ons, 315 Nitto 555Rs on the back.

Near lane: Very close to the same except 3.73s, Cam Motion cam, and ET Streets on factory wheels.

Time slip:

.468.......105 Reaction
1.94.......1.65 60ft
7.98.......7.54 8th E.T.
90.4.......90.2 8th MPH
12.26.....11.85 1/4 E.T.
115.9.....114.1 1/4 MPH

Here's some pics from this race:
Name:  47.jpg
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Name:  48.jpg
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Size:  78.9 KB

Name:  49.jpg
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Size:  89.2 KB

2nd race:

Far Lane: Z28, 6.0 LQ4, built M6, 12 bolt with 4.56, Pat G cam, TFS 215 heads, bolt ons, Mufflex exhaust, 28 inch ET Streets

Near lane: Same as near lane above

Time slip:

Old 11-21-2015, 02:40 PM
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More pics:

Name:  54.jpg
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Size:  103.4 KB
Name:  53.jpg
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Size:  99.8 KB
Name:  46.jpg
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Size:  66.6 KB
Name:  45.jpg
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Name:  44.jpg
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Size:  97.7 KB
Name:  35.jpg
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Size:  80.8 KB
Name:  34.jpg
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Name:  29.jpg
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Name:  28.jpg
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Name:  26.jpg
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Name:  25.jpg
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Name:  20.jpg
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Name:  8.jpg
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Size:  169.8 KB
Name:  2.jpg
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Size:  67.4 KB
Name:  5.jpg
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Size:  132.3 KB
Name:  17.jpg
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Old 11-21-2015, 02:41 PM
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Couple more videos:

As a sidenote, I got my shifting issues worked out. Turns out my mph on my trans tables was off by about 5 mph and it was causing all hell to break loose at WOT. Its fixed now so next time the car should see some honest mid 11s cam only. Waiting for the heat to die down some.


Fast Forward: Went back to the track this past friday. Finally got the car off the limiter. Best run was still about 11.8x. Couldn't get it to go any faster. I had a new best 60ft of around 1.58 and a new best trap of 115. DA was about 1650 at the time of the runs. Couldn't seem to get the ETs down though. My only 2 vids from that night are shitty but I will link one from someone else:

Car was filthy: Right lane

Name:  TNT3.jpg
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Size:  72.5 KB

Name:  TNT1.jpg
Views: 276
Size:  81.6 KB

Left lane:

Name:  TNT2.jpg
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Size:  76.6 KB

Old 11-21-2015, 02:41 PM
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Fast Forward Again: Well we headed back out. Car ran a new best, but still had more in it. Couldn't get it to leave good. Here are the slips in order:

1.73......7.62/90.8...........11.93/113.9 Spun some out of the hole.

Pics and vids:

Name:  TNT5.jpg
Views: 271
Size:  65.5 KB

Name:  TNT6.jpg
Views: 265
Size:  71.7 KB


4th Trip out: Track altitude: about 250 ft, DA for the night: about 2250. Yeah it was muggy with about 80-90% humidity. But we ran anyway for fun. Car ran good for the weather I thought, and pulled the driver tire 6-8 inches every run. Felt awesome :drive:

Here's how the slips stacked up:
Time...7:14.....7:18.....9:08.....9:34.....9:40... ....9:49
60'.....1.591....1.602...1.581....1.590...1.596... ..1.608
1/8.....7.350....7.342...7.316....7.344...7.321..... 7.327
1/8.....92.48....92.66...92.76....92.47...92.91..... 93.06
1/4....11.573..11.539..11.525..11.568..11.526...11.5 17
1/4....116.82..117.13..117.14..116.55..117.08...117. 59

And a couple of vids:

Since the last run it has a Fast92, AI 243s, PA Racing K member, Midwest bumper supports F+R, Strange 12 bolt. I was running about 3/4 tank of gas and an ice chest in the back. I know the 12 bolt is slowing me down some (over the previous runs) but I drove home so it's worth it Car is also tuned by a rookie tuner (me) and is set to conservatively shift around 6400. It ran exactly how you would find it any day on the street. Nothing added or subtracted.


Have run recently about 10 more passes. Changes are: Lightweight battery, Midwest chassis drag bar, speed inc carpet, sjm abs delete, firecore50 wires.....ET streets are bald and it was acting funky coming out of the hole but I did get a new personal best, 1.56 60ft, [email protected] Track wasn't running 1/4 at the time but I'm predicting it was a legitimate 11.30 pass. New changes are removing inner fender supports, removing front sway bar, aluminum radiator, and a full 17"Racestar setup. Inching closer to 10s NA I hope.

Here's some eye candy:

Stock carpet ready to be pulled:

Name:  IMG_20131028_144802_217_zps448df79a.jpg
Views: 272
Size:  889.0 KB

Pulled the gauges to delete the idiot lights:

Name:  IMG_20131028_153839_394_zps13badf99.jpg
Views: 275
Size:  1.06 MB

Letting the new carpet breathe, it does still have some padding under it, but it is a little louder then stock:

Name:  IMG_20131028_185155_805_zps2da5f5dc.jpg
Views: 279
Size:  1.01 MB

Found under the stock carpet.....winning!!!

Name:  IMG_20131029_172336_721_zps8dc5da19.jpg
Views: 278
Size:  1.49 MB

Lightweight battery getting its first charge:

Name:  IMG_20131024_163820_579_zps163e175b.jpg
Views: 269
Size:  869.9 KB

Simple aluminum flat bar hold down:

Name:  IMG_20131028_142819_295_zps9844d347.jpg
Views: 265
Size:  1.03 MB

Old 11-21-2015, 02:42 PM
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Midwest drag bar:

Name:  IMG_20131120_135305_534_zpsbffa5eb8.jpg
Views: 268
Size:  934.3 KB

Name:  IMG_20140304_160605_890_zpsf6d9faff.jpg
Views: 258
Size:  565.7 KB

Firecore50 wires:

Name:  IMG_20131204_173759_742_zpse112f125.jpg
Views: 269
Size:  636.5 KB

Name:  IMG_20131204_173733_331_zpsd7e7fd76.jpg
Views: 267
Size:  653.3 KB

Full 17" Racestar setup. Hoosier ProStreet 26x7.5x17 fronts, new ET Radials in the rear:

Name:  IMG_20140627_173715_616_zps522f4a5a.jpg
Views: 267
Size:  1.43 MB

Name:  IMG_20140605_105807_920_zps373f8c54.jpg
Views: 262
Size:  746.8 KB

Name:  IMG_20140605_111920_581_zps61ea230c.jpg
Views: 263
Size:  786.1 KB

For the bushes:
Name:  IMG_20140605_124921_138_zpsffdafe6d.jpg
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Size:  1.39 MB

Old 11-21-2015, 02:42 PM
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$135 shipped:
Name:  IMG_20140527_074741_176_zps4faac98e.jpg
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Size:  1,020.2 KB

Name:  IMG_20140527_082815_541_zps692d691b.jpg
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Size:  504.5 KB

Name:  IMG_20140527_084835_788_zpsb4295066.jpg
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Size:  832.6 KB

Name:  IMG_20140527_085630_787_zpscf3b76cd.jpg
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Size:  730.5 KB

Name:  IMG_20140527_091323_631_zps66b8197e.jpg
Views: 256
Size:  571.2 KB


Truth be told, the radiator swap and inner fender cutting was a kill two birds with one stone kind of deal. The last outing to the track I ripped a huge gash in the bumper. I installed a bracket to move my car ramps closer for when I load my ATVs on my car hauler....and I new it was close but had loaded successfully several times before. This time I wasn't so lucky.......

Name:  IMG_20140516_153443_518_zpsb1639528.jpg
Views: 261
Size:  915.6 KB

Did a quick patch and we raced anyway:
Name:  IMG_20140418_163008_991_zps53841ba0.jpg
Views: 266
Size:  1.42 MB

But I needed a I found a place called OnlinePartsBin (or something of the nature) and they did a VIN matched paint and then shipped the bumper for $250. So I took it apart while I waited....lead time was about 2 weeks.

Name:  IMG_20140518_152356_211_zpsf4748a57.jpg
Views: 267
Size:  865.7 KB

I've always hated the China halo lights so I found a set of OEMs to go back on:

Name:  IMG_20140612_204331_575_zps54111f01.jpg
Views: 258
Size:  865.6 KB

The busted bumper and china lights got hung for decoration:

Name:  IMG_20140613_174430_409_zpsa5c7d509.jpg
Views: 254
Size:  893.7 KB

And, 3 weeks later Fedex drops this beauty off:

Name:  IMG_20140612_204238_186_zps1efbe6ea.jpg
Views: 267
Size:  1.04 MB

Thanks EmblemPros:

Name:  IMG_20140619_202736_305_zps63132d17.jpg
Views: 255
Size:  735.3 KB

Name:  IMG_20140619_204501_336_zps4c3f1ea0.jpg
Views: 258
Size:  765.9 KB

Two more random tire pics:
Name:  IMG_20140604_101506_681_zps3b1395f0.jpg
Views: 264
Size:  990.5 KB

Name:  IMG_20140604_102221_346_zps029b1497.jpg
Views: 255
Size:  803.7 KB

Old 11-21-2015, 02:43 PM
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Wheel spin on the 3rd pass, 64/6500 shifts for 1 and 2, then 6700 for 3 and 4. Looks like I gained next to nothing by putting the shifts higher.

60ft........1.52......1.53.........1.53.........1. 54
MPH........94.2......94.4.........94.5.........94. 3

No changes.


Most recent, Go-Pro

At 0:25 in this one

At 1:00 in this one:

Name:  Right12_zps806aa0af.jpg
Views: 261
Size:  5.67 MBName:  c7-3_zpsd63fc05a.jpg
Views: 254
Size:  4.76 MBName:  GTO2_zpsf7f45752.jpg
Views: 249
Size:  5.11 MB

Midwest Chassis rear bumper support but it isnt new.....
Name:  20150408_145402_zpsyxaatbzk.jpg
Views: 247
Size:  2.68 MB

A full 10lbs of metal removed, about 1 pound went back in.
Name:  20150409_134838_zpsg6yrgdf5.jpg
Views: 244
Size:  2.16 MB

Name:  20150409_134912_zpsl9hrnft9.jpg
Views: 241
Size:  2.56 MB

Losing the catback and 4" cutout, going to a single 4" bullet. Total weight lost will be a minimum of 35 lbs.
Name:  20150408_144636_zpscodc8hs9.jpg
Views: 243
Size:  3.29 MB

Name:  20150408_144517_zpsgw9sbpgs.jpg
Views: 246
Size:  2.91 MB
Old 11-21-2015, 02:43 PM
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I love stock appearance......

Name:  20150225_165717_zpsfw54emsn.jpg
Views: 243
Size:  1.80 MB

Name:  20150225_165838_zps9274j2zt.jpg
Views: 240
Size:  2.26 MB

To come.....
Name:  20150302_123241_zps35q3ka1t.jpg
Views: 234
Size:  2.12 MB

I also have a 5 gallon bucket of misc brackets, bolts, back of the radio etc thats up to 30lbs and Im not near done yet. I also found a full gallon of coolant in the spare tire well so figure that was an extra 8 pounds I was dragging around for nothing :bang:

Got a chance to tinker some more.

Name:  20150413_194144_zpsfl98cj37.jpg
Views: 238
Size:  3.42 MB

Name:  20150413_194225_zpsdcly9kgg.jpg
Views: 241
Size:  1.89 MB

Name:  20150414_131340_zpsymzt5oa1.jpg
Views: 236
Size:  2.05 MB

Name:  20150414_131518_zpsm2prt3s8.jpg
Views: 230
Size:  2.90 MB

Decided to run the 4" pipe all the way out the back for the fumes, and the drone. I realized I had to delete the upper panhard support brace to make room for the pipe. I don't trust running without one so I fabbed up some supports of my own.

Name:  20150417_113120_zpsau11clif.jpg
Views: 230
Size:  3.67 MB

Running vertically supporting the bracket

Name:  20150417_120016_zpsxd7ixsnr.jpg
Views: 232
Size:  2.24 MB

This is what I started with, to go after the Y merge.

Name:  20150417_122754_zpscwincpi8.jpg
Views: 240
Size:  2.33 MB

It snaked over the rear end quite nicely, with a little gap on top and bottom. Its ******* loud.....

Name:  20150417_204944_zpsrgbimfar.jpg
Views: 234
Size:  2.03 MB

After some inspecting I realized WOT blasts make for super hot exhaust pipes. Was too close to the gas tank for comfort and melted a tiny bit of the bumper. So I wrapped the rear section and repositioned the tailpipe slightly.

Name:  20150506_193758_zpsqwdcntvr.jpeg
Views: 225
Size:  1.09 MB

The cutout i removed.
Name:  20150423_213400_zps6i0nazwv.jpeg
Views: 230
Size:  1.11 MB
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Got to tinker some today. Switched from a Chrs1313 AC ram air to a SSRA Megamouth (non-AC) ram air

Name:  20150516_103555_zpsungniv9b.jpg
Views: 254
Size:  2.29 MB

Cut out the lower radiator support. It was worth 5lbs. The edges of the bracket are still strong enough for an adult male to hang from. I'm gonna run some aluminum flat bar across to give the air dam something to mount to.

Name:  20150517_155635_zpscjorplsz.jpg
Views: 224
Size:  2.70 MB

Name:  20150517_155734_zps0e41l0nw.jpg
Views: 226
Size:  2.64 MB

Before my 11.2 run I had done the following weight reduction:

ABS Delete: 10
Bumper supports F+R: 40
9.5" converter: 15
Cruise delete: 5
Power seat delete: 10
Lightweight battery: 20
Spare tire delete: 20
Monsoon delete: 20
K Member: 30
Front swaybar delete: 15
Midwest rear bar: 5
Front fender cut: 5
Lightweight carpet: 20
Driver airbag delete: 5
Total: 220 lost

Since I've done:
AC Compressor/bracket: 20
Sway bar brackets: 5
AC fan delete: 5
Lower radiator support cut: 5
Catback delete: 30
Misc bucket of brackets: 35
Spool: 20
Condensor and evap: 5
Coilovers: 10
Spare tire well delete: 10
Upper panhard delete: 5
Total so far: 150

Total 370 lbs.

I was concerned with the air going around the radiator since the condenser was gone. So I fabbed up a couple pieces out of ABS, pictured here plus the hole I was facing.

Name:  20150527_153550_zpsbq5gntab.jpg
Views: 230
Size:  3.58 MB

Name:  20150527_153743_zpspfcbc3mf.jpg
Views: 226
Size:  3.24 MB

Name:  20150527_153728_zpsrr4xycs6.jpg
Views: 231
Size:  3.27 MB

Life gets in the way at times, but I'm still working on it.

Name:  20150715_153058_zpscmaucbfp.jpg
Views: 227
Size:  3.51 MB

Name:  20150715_153130_zps7fn4tdxk.jpg
Views: 226
Size:  3.38 MB

Name:  20150715_195306_zpsjcakpoby.jpg
Views: 223
Size:  3.37 MB

Name:  20150715_195702_zps2xukrjpt.jpg
Views: 225
Size:  3.06 MB

Old 11-21-2015, 02:44 PM
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UPS delivers happiness in a box.

Name:  20150719_211401_zpsvnoqic9c.jpg
Views: 226
Size:  3.04 MB

3120, stock brakes, no driver, 1/8th tank of gas.

Name:  20150721_154610_zpssdkg8k8p.jpg
Views: 244
Size:  3.31 MB

Found this guy wondering around the shop. I taught him the way home.

Name:  20150706_155508_zpsj260nubx.jpg
Views: 220
Size:  1.13 MB

Center of lower radiator support cut out

Name:  20150803_142430_zpstryohqbc.jpg
Views: 230
Size:  3.63 MB

Airbag computer with bracket:
Name:  20150803_142407_zps3jh8vpex.jpg
Views: 217
Size:  2.05 MB

Compressor with one hard line still attached:

Name:  20150803_142217_zps0mjva0wy.jpg
Views: 217
Size:  3.65 MB

Ebrake handle
Name:  20150803_142125_zps6jyrclun.jpg
Views: 220
Size:  3.60 MB


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