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Foot and lower leg injuries????

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Default Foot and lower leg injuries????

If you have had foot or lower leg injuries while riding an ATV, would you take a minute to describe your injuries and how they happened, and whether you were wearing MX boots or not. OR, did you ever have a close call where your footgear saved you? If you were wearing boots, what brand and model were they?

I am interested in the nature of ATV injuries and the effectiveness of the footwear. Thanks!!
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Default Foot and lower leg injuries????

Drug my right foot while starting the incline on a hill. It didnt pull me off the quad, but the flexability of my foot is gone. I can no longer point my toes towards the sky. No musccle control. No i was not wearing boots and no nerf bars.
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Default Foot and lower leg injuries????

Thanks! We had a kid come off the pegs (no nerf bars!) while landing a BIG jump. He ran over his foot, and it sucked him in up to his upper calf. Walked away without a scratch!! He was wearing Alpinestars Tech 6 or Tech 8's (can't remember). It helped too, that he is a light kid and the bike (Blaster) is relatively light.

Another friend ran over his foot last season out at Glamis, with no boots. The peg did a pretty good number on his calf. He now runs nerf bars.

And, another guy is now nursing a sore calf because last week he came off the pegs of his YFZ, and was wearing some cheap (O'Neal) low end boots. He has nerfs on order.
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Default Foot and lower leg injuries????

I've done it a few times. 1st time was not wearing boots.
2nd time I landed from a big jump, slipped off the pegs and it peeled my old school Malcom Smith boots down and left rubber burn on my leg.

3rd and last time (I hope!) was this past New Years. I had on older Tech4 boots but the 2 buclkes near the ankle were broken. I went to kick over a friends 350PV. It kicked back on me, foot slipped so the kicker was near my toes not under my arch. It kicked back so hard that it folded my foot back to my shin! It ended up tearing my achellies tendon in half.
I am just now back to 100%.

Lesson learned? ALWAYS have the best boots money can buy!! I now have brand new Tech 8's with all the buckles [img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img]

Next time your thinking of riding without boots look at this picture!
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Default Foot and lower leg injuries????

Took a jump on my cousin's raptor. It did not have nerf bars as mine did. Came down on an angle and might right foot slipped off the peg. My shin cought the footpeg/heelguard and tore my tissue to the bone. My leg then got pulled under the rear tire and was ran over at a very awkward angle. I did not have boots on at the time, and I am glad. It may be hard to tell from my description, but I believe that if I would have had boots on that I would have caused serious and irreversible damage to my knee and possibly broken my upper leg. As it was, i got out of it with about 100 stitches and a large scar.
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Default Foot and lower leg injuries????

my cousin had on fox riding boots (what kind, i don't know) and he over shot a 30-40ft jump and flat-landed and shattered his ankle. he has had surgery on it and got it fused together. now, he isn't allowed jumping any more and can't bend his ankle.

i came up short one time on a tabletop and my left foot slipped off the pegs. the front of my boot (brahma work boots) caught the ground and pulled the front of my foot back towards the rear tire while my heel was still on the foot peg. luckily, the quad bounced and my foot came back up and didn't drag any longer. it hurt like crazy and swelled pretty good (no ice, because we were camping). didn't stop me from riding the next day or playing volleyball at my grandma's during our labor day picnic. the only thing that really sucked was having to limp around work for 8 hours. swelling went down in about 3 weeks and she is back to normal.
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Default Foot and lower leg injuries????

Last year in Glamis, as soon as we got there, about 10mins after unpacking my bro I went riding to warm up the quads. I was wearing shorts and nike's. We found a nice little jump and were launching the quads trying to out do each other. I messed up once nose dived my quad and it flipped over me, but the worst part was my left leg fell right between the peg and the rear tire (with paddles) The bike was still in gear and the paddle kept slapping my calf and gave me a pretty nasty burn. My chin was all bloody from rubbing against the pegs. And I do have nerf bars. It was so painful, my brother had to come pull the bike off me. But no serious damage, road home and had the wifey clean me up so we can head out the flats.
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Default Foot and lower leg injuries????

Rode a 96 scrambler caught a stump with a tire pitched it sideways left foot stayed on under the clutch cover pulled my fibula apart and dislocated my foot . had to ride it 3 1/2 miles home . Spent three days in the hospital . Had to have a plate put in left ankle doesn't bend like it used to . Was wearing tennis shoes.
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