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Old 01-21-2012, 10:57 AM
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Default Need help wiring remote shut off

I have a 110cc
The atv has the tether cord on the rear bumper. I want to wire up a remote shut off. I bought a Fimco 12v wireless remote shut off from tractor supply. I cannot get the atv to shut off with the remote.

The tether switch has a black/white wire and a green wire. They run up to the CDI box. The CDI box is a green plug 5 pins.

The Fimco shut off has:
Power in: black and a red wire---which i hooked up to the battery
Power out: red and a blue wire--which i hooked up to the wires coming off of the CDI box to the tether.

No matter which way i wire the wires, the atv will not shut off with the remote.

any help would be appreciated

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Old 01-21-2012, 09:46 PM
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I looked up the fimco relay you specified.

It is a device that takes 12 volts DC power, and with the action of a remote key fob, turns 12 volts DC power on or off to some 12 volt DC powered device. In their description they talk about controlling pump motors etc.

Safety first: You said you wired the input side of the fimco relay to your battery. Please tell me you ran this through a fuse, or that you actually tied into the battery power *after* the existing in line fuse on the quad. Connecting things directly to the battery is dangerous and can cause a fire - especially if you don't know what you are doing and just hooking this wire here and there to see if it works.

The flaw in your plan is there is absolutely nothing in your 5 pin CDI ignition system that runs on 12 volts DC, or will quit if 12 DC is applied. The CDI is powered by moderately high voltage AC (100 to 300 volts peak) coming off the stator. The trigger signal is AC (also from the stator) The output to the coil high moderately voltage and high frequency AC. The kill switch input is a moderately high voltage current limited pulsing DC voltage that, when shorted to ground, kills spark.

If you keep trying to apply 12 volts to every wire on your CDI via this fimco relay, you may end up with a CDI with a brand new crater in it (along with shrapnel and smoke). There are many different CDI designs out there, but don't try to wire your 12 volts output from the fimco relay into your AC ignition power pin or with some designs your CDI may go bang.

Remote shut off kits are available, and can be wired into 110cc quads, but it does take some skill to do this. You could also wire in a relay between the fimco relay that takes the 12 volt output from fimco relay and drives an actuating coil that shorts a pair of contacts that shorts the kill switch line to ground killing the engine. If your fimco relay still works (can you measure 12 volts being switched on and off with the remote key fob?) this may be the cheapest way to go. How much effort are you willing to put into this?

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Old 01-22-2012, 04:48 PM
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Default More on remote module wiring

Here is a diagram showing how the generic remote module is wired up for 110cc (and many other) chinese quads using the 5 pin AC powered CDI.

Name:  RemoteWiring.jpg
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Size:  39.6 KB

Some history: This style remote module design has been around for decades. It was used originally on motorcycles and has since been cross applied to these small chinese quads. The diagram above shows the complete set of remote start/kill/alarm module functions as it was orignally designed. They provided not only the ability to kill the engine remotely, but also allowed remote starting of the quad regardless of whether the ignition switch was on or off. And there was an alarm that drove a siren and flashed the turn signal indicators.

As these modules became more and more targeted to quads they started to drop features that aren't really all that applicable. These small quads don't have turn signals, so that feature was the first to go. The alarm is annoying, and if you think about it, the ability to remotely start up a quad even when the ignition switch is off is kind of scary. So these feature are often left out too. As these features got dropped the remote modules still used the same 9 pin wiring harness connector, but they just left the wires for the unused features off.

Here is a link for a simple remote kill switch module:

Cookie Usage : MotopartsMaxATV Parts & Dirt Bike Parts, Moped Parts Go Kart Parts, Dune Buggy Parts and Accessories

Note how it only uses 4 pins on the standard connector and three wires into the module. The other pins are empty. For your quad without a remote connector you would have to wire the module directly into the wiring harness, but that would require only three wires, so it would be fairly straightforward to do.

That fourth wire from the module that does not go to the connector is the receive antenna. It just dangles.

Here is a link for a more complex module:

Cookie Usage : MotopartsMaxATV Parts & Dirt Bike Parts, Moped Parts Go Kart Parts, Dune Buggy Parts and Accessories

Note that all the pins on the standard connector are wired up, so it supports all the functions - even flashing the turn signals when the alarm goes off - but since a typical chinese kid quad doesn't have turn signals there would just be no wire connections on the harness side of the connector.

If the remote kill function is all you want then the first option is the easiest since it is only three wires to hook up: Fused 12 volt power, ground, and the kill switch connection.
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