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8ball3290 09-15-2012 02:37 PM

07 panther 110cc wiring woe's
I picked up this Atv used for my son. The headlight stopped working followed by the brake light. Figuring I was a bulb for the front issue, and the brake was smashed I thought if I no a new one I would work again.

Also the handle bar kill switch doesn't shu down the Atv. I picked up a new switch assembly thinking this would solve the problem but nope, kill switch still not working.

Now if I have the engine running, hit the kill switch it still runs, however if I flip the headlight switch it kills the engine. If kill switch is on run and I hit headlight switch lights don't work still and engine continues to run.

The original harness is a mess, but looks like everything is connected, but I'm clueless when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Any suggestions in laymans terms please, or which harness to get if I go the new route. Thanks

LynnEdwards 09-15-2012 08:23 PM

Does this quad have a remote control module?

Is the handlebar kill switch a multiswitch assembly that has the start button, kill switch, and headlight switch(es) all in one unit?

Where did you get the new switch? If it was from a websitw can you post the link?

Before when the lights worked and the quad ran, did the handlebar kill switch work then?

8ball3290 09-15-2012 08:41 PM

Yes I has the remote control, which doesn't work or the battery is dead in the remote, as I haven't tried.

Yes it's a multinswitch assembly, lights, starter and kill switch

Think the site was motosports. Com or so will have to check on that.

No the switch didn't run when he lights worked

LynnEdwards 09-15-2012 09:26 PM

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Here is a wiring diagram from that shows a wiring diagram for a remote equipped 110cc panther.

Attachment 6597

Click or hover over the thumbnail to get a bigger picture. Unfortunately all the component labels are in chinese. And it is only somewhat readable. Look it over and see if the wire colors match up on some of the major components. The remote module is in the lower right corner, the headlight switch is in the top row, third from the left. What this will do is see if this diagram has even a chance of depicting your actual wiring.

Is your headlight connector a single connector?

What are all the wire colors feeding your headlight switch? Important: Give me *only* the wire colors on the "wiring harness" side of any connector near the headlight switch. I don't care at all about the color of the short pigtail wires from the switch itself.

Also, what are the colors of the wires going to the CDI?

8ball3290 09-18-2012 09:15 AM

Lynn, sorry been remodeling the basement, will bet pics and answer them questions later today thanks for everything.

8ball3290 09-18-2012 12:19 PM

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the head light has one connecter, i will add pics to hopefully answer your other questions, if you need more let me know please thanks a bunch. the first and last are of the cdi harness, the cdi box and the left side switch harness

Attachment 15575

Attachment 15576
Attachment 15577

Attachment 15578

Attachment 15579

LynnEdwards 09-18-2012 11:42 PM

Great on the CDI wiring pic's. That part is clear.

Not so great on the left handlebar switch. I need the wiring colors on the *wiring harness* side of connector set that attaches the switch to the harness. You photographed the switch side. There is no data in that information.

Follow me here... I need to know how you quad is wired, and I don't have reliable info to know how that is. So I have to rely on two premises (and your accurate reporting of course):

1) Any wire that enters the taped up wiring harness will come back out somewhere. That's obvious, right? But I also assume that whatever color that wire is as it enters the taped up wiring harness will still be the same color when it comes back out. If it is pink with green polkadots going in then wherever it comes back out of the harness it will still be pink with green polkadots. In practice that is a very good assumption because a company would have to go to a lot of extra effort to make it come out otherwise.

2) Wires that are the same color in your main wiring harness are all connected together. For example, your kill switch connection at the CDI wiring harness connector is black with a white stripe. I'm going to propose that all black wires with a white stripe are the same wire connection, and are (or should be) connected together. This is easily verified with a meter set to measure continuity (or ohms). Again this is a good assumption. The manufacturers have to test and troubleshoot these systems. Having multiple colors each indicating a single function helps that process. If this weren't true they would save money by buying only one wire color and making the entire harness out of white wires, for example.

But wire colors often change when mating to OEM purchased parts that have short pigtail leads. The pigtail leads could be any color. That's what you showed. This does not help me.

There is a black/white wire at your CDI that ties to the kill switch input of the CDI. That wire goes to the kill switch pin on your handlebar switch. Yet I don't see that color on the switch pigtails. See? I don't have the info I need...

It is also not clear how many wires go to your handlebar switch. How many wires? It's a single connector so far, but I don't see the connector in your pic's.

While we're catching up on wire colors in the harness at the handlebar switch, perhaps we can jump one step ahead.... ;)

A) What are the wire colors at one of your headlights? Again report only wire colors on the *harness* side if you headlight connector has short pigtail wires...

B) What are the wire colors of the two small wires feeding your starter solonoid (on the wiring harness side.....)?

8ball3290 09-19-2012 01:53 AM

Gotcha will take a look in the morning, like I said I'm clueless at this electrical stuff. The good thing if you can call it a good thing is the harness is not taped up, all the wires are pretty much hanging loose and easy to follow.

8ball3290 09-19-2012 11:52 AM

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there are two connectors that go to the handlebar switch. heres pics of harness side.

Attachment 15571

Attachment 15572

heres a pic of the headlight connector, harness side
Attachment 15573

a pic of the mess i'm working with
Attachment 15574
i'm not even sure where to look for the starter wires, do they plug into the thing that the spark plug wire goes to?

LynnEdwards 09-20-2012 12:02 AM

Looking at your CDI connector I see that ground is a black wire and the kill switch wire is black/white. At the headlight switch I see a black and black/white wire. Use your meter to check for continuity between the black wire on the CDI connector to the black wire on the headlight connector (we're just making sure...). Then do the same process for the black/white wire at the CDI connector to the black/white wire at the headlight connector. So far these are just sanity checks. Those wires should be connected.

Your headlight connector has four wires, yet a headlight with high beam cannot have more than three (low, high, and ground). Hmmm. Two of those are yellow (or is it orange?). I wonder if they get connected together at the headlight pigtail connector. I'm thinking...

Yellow is a common color for AC powered headlights. I suspect you might fall into this category. I think you should ignore this for now and concentrate on why the kill switch isn't working. On your headlight switch find which wires connect to the black and black white wire from the harness. Then use you meter to check continuity looking into the switch pins to see if they get shorted together when the kill switch is set to "kill" mode, and are open when it is set to "run" mode.

Where did you get the replacement switch? Did you find that out yet?

On the two pin connector to your headlight switch: Where do those wires go? You can follow the wires directly (since your harness is mostly unwrapped), or you can look at all your connectors and find the same color wires elsewhere and see what they connect to.

Re: The starter solenoid wires: No, the thing that your spark plug connects to is your ignition coil. Follow the big fat red wire from your positive battery post. It goes directly to the starter solenoid. You'll see another big fat wire go down to the starter motor. Look again at the starter solenoid and you will also see two more small wires going to it. Follow those wires back to the wiring harness connector, and report back the wire colors on the wiring harness side of this connector set. It is also possible that the wiring harness plugs directly into the solenoid (less common), but in any case I want the wiring harness side colors.

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