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Old 08-24-2003, 12:04 AM
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Default Going to mixed fuel on a 2004 Viper 50

I would like to remove the oil injection system from my sons eton viper 50 and start
using mixed fuel. I took it apart today see where the oil line goes into the engine. It
looks like wraps all the way down to the bottom of the engine. What do I do with
the existing fuel line. Cut it and cap it off? Or do I need to do something else. I would
appreciate any input on this one.
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Old 09-03-2003, 11:08 PM
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Default Going to mixed fuel on a 2004 Viper 50

I have an Eton Viper 90, and also am looking into yanking the oil injection. The throttle is way to stiff for my son.
I have read on another forum that you have to disable / remove the oil pump, since the pump is lubricated by the injection oil. If you take away it's oil source, it will seize up and cause other problems. I think it is driven off the crank shaft. There was an easier way of just removing the pump drive gear, leaving the pump installed, closing off the nipple on the carb., and installing a single throttle cable. I'm trying to locate this info again, and will contribute further at a later time. I have some other questions myself, if we can get somebody responding that knows more about doing this.
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Old 09-04-2003, 12:28 AM
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Default Going to mixed fuel on a 2004 Viper 50

Below is a partial cut / paste from a different forum. If I remember correctly, it was originally posted by Tony1034. Happy reading...

< -------------------- >

What you'll need to do is remove the white oil pump gear and pin behind the flywheel to eliminate the oil injection. By doing this, you'll remove some of the spring pull from the thumb lever.

This method that does not require any messing with the cylinder:
1. Drain the gas from the tank.
2. Turn your gas off.
3. Stand the quad up on its tail (use a small mat as to not scratch the bar).
4. Remove any floor boards or plastic in your way (I removed the seat, all the body screws, the 4 bolts holding on the handlebar, the battery, the fuel dial, unplug the electric thingy by the battery then lift the whole body up and swing it 180 degrees).
5. Remove the fan cover (3 screws). Remove the fan (4 screws). Remove the large nut and washer holding on the flywheel.
6. Remove the flywheel using a standard puller. (I believe the puller for a Honda XL will fit. I used a harmonic balancer puller, but Raptor said that this could bend the flywheel. Mine came off effortlessly).
7. Remove the two screws holding the stator plate (not the 2 screws holding on the stator) in place (you don't need to un-plug it, just pull the rubber gromet toward the stator to give more room. Be very careful not to nick or bang the stator around. Just take your time).
8. Remove the gasket that was behind the Stator (Careful not to tear it).
9. Remove the clip that holds the white plastic gear in place. Remove the gear and also remove the gear drive pin. (Snap ring pliers)
10. Reassemble in reverse order (Replace the snap ring clip, but leave out the white plastic gear and it's drive pin)
11. Replace the throttle cable with a single cable (if you desire). I just disconnected the cable at the front of the oil pump and at the splitter. Its a pain in the neck getting the cables back in that splitter, but with patience, you'll get it. I used a small dab of RTV sealant to plug the open hole in the splitter. You need to do this to keep water/dirt out of there. Eventually I'll order a single cable from one of these guys on this forum, when I order something else from them.
12. Plug the oil inlet by soldering up the hole in the carb or with a vacuum plug (I soldered mine. If you use a vacuum plug and it falls off you can lean out the motor and do some damage)
13. Mix Maxima 927 at 32:1 (note, because you are now mixing oil in the gas, you may need to jet up to prevent a lean burn condition). I did not have to mess with the stock jetting after removing the carb and exhaust restrictors and removing the oil injection. Only after replacing the air filter with a K&N and changing the reeds did I need to re-jet. Just check the spark plug. Also, go to Walmart and pick up a few NGK BP7HS or NGK BP6HS (which are a little cooler plugs).
14. Have fun!!!!

Tony P.
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Old 09-04-2003, 01:05 AM
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Default Going to mixed fuel on a 2004 Viper 50


I just cut the oil line and removed the tank. I better go back and pull that gear. Will let you know
when I do it. What line are you talking about plugging on the carb. There are only two fuel lines. One from
the gas tank and the other going to the engine.
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Old 09-04-2003, 09:20 PM
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Default Going to mixed fuel on a 2004 Viper 50

I'm NOT too sure what line to plug. As stated in the opening of my previous post, the instructions were from Tony P.

I have a '03 Predator 90 - still in stock mode. (except for a few structure improvements) Removing my son's Pred-90 Oil Injection wheel & tank "may" be my next winter project. Since my son stopped complaining about his original sore thumb, I didn't pursue the idea of removing the oil injection tank, or installing thumb lever extenders.

Hopefully, someone with an E-Ton 90 or E-Ton 90 can tell you what line to plug. If it was me, I would assume you'd want to plug the line that goes to your "removed" Oil Injection tank. Don't want to let air accidentally get sucked down the line.

Hope this helps....
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