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Old 08-20-2011, 01:09 PM
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i just bought a Quad four wheeler formy kids and we replaced the battery for it and it will not run i keep reading where it says that it has a safety button but i am not sure where that is at can some one please help me thank you
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Old 08-22-2011, 02:48 PM
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Default Problems with Chines ATV?

Originally Posted by Cherelle88 View Post
i just bought a Quad four wheeler formy kids and we replaced the battery for it and it will not run i keep reading where it says that it has a safety button but i am not sure where that is at can some one please help me thank you
Whats it doing?

Will it not turn over at all?
Or its cranking over and it just wont fire?

Theres a couple of safety kill switches you have the main on/off kill switch on the handle bars, and theres a pull tether in the back on the opposite side of the exhaust Silencer. Check both of those and make sure that they are is the position/location they should be in.

After you check those if it still doesn't start get a test light and touch it to the metal snap inside the top of the spark plug boot then crank it over and see if its getting fire through the CDI Box. If your getting fire to the spark plug then I would go to your local auto parts store like O'Rielly's and buy a E3 Spark Plug for it and try it again. I know your going to hate hearing this but the biggest problem I have found messing around with these Loncin Motors is the Oil that comes in them from the factory and the cheap NO Name Nonadjustable Carburetor.

If you haven't done so already change the oil thats in the motor. Its only supposed to be used during the first hour or so of break in. I changed mine out with Full Synthetic Mobil-1 10W-40 ATV Oil.

If you start having fuel issues don't even waste your time trying to mess with the stock 20mm Carb thats on it because its a NO win. In order for the Chinese Motors to meet the United States Emission's Laws they have the stock Carburetor leaned way out and theres really no way to adjust it and richen it up without drilling on it in several places and buying a hand full of jets to get it jetted properly. The best thing to do is get on eBay and order aether a Mikuni VM-24 or a Mikuni Vm-22 Round Slide Carburetor. They run any where from $30 to $40 including shipping. If you want more power and you don't mind buying a $6 upgraded Carburetor Manifold and a $14 Adjustable Carburetor Manifold/Intake Base you can use the Mikuni VM-26 and VM-28mm Monster Carbs and both of those add gobs of power and torque throughout the entire power band.

If you decide to go with the Mikuni VM Series Carburetors you will need to put together a jet kit that has the following jets:

Mains: Pilots:
70 #15
75 #18
80 #20

I'm 95% sure if your battery is charged up and your getting spark that the stock Carburetor is your problem. If you didn't change the oil in the motor and it has been ridden quite a bit you might have burned the rings and the engine might not have enough compression to fire. The Loncin 50cc, 110cc, and 125cc motors should have 150psi and 170psi. If you don't have a compression tester get a syringe and squirt a little oil in the spark plug hole and crank it over, then put the spark plug back in and hook it up and see if it starts. If it does the rings are burned and you will need to replace the piston, rings, wrist pin, and bearings in the top end. Get back with me and give me more information on it symptoms and I'll help you figure it out.

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Originally Posted by Cherelle88 View Post
i just bought a Quad four wheeler formy kids and we replaced the battery for it and it will not run i keep reading where it says that it has a safety button but i am not sure where that is at can some one please help me thank you

This is a list of the Honda TRX-90 Aftermarket Upgrades that need to be purchased if your wanting to run the Mikuni Monster VM-26, VM-28 Round Slide Performance Carburetors on the Chinese Youth Quads equipped with the Loncin 50cc, 110cc, 125cc Engines. All of these items can be bought for under $100 off of eBay with shipping included:

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Old 11-08-2011, 09:05 AM
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Default LIFAN 110cc Top End With LONCIN 110cc Bottom End?

I hope you guys can help me out.

Will the LIFAN 110cc Top End Cylinder, Piston, Rings, Head, and Wrist Pin) bolt on the LONCIN 110cc Bottom End?

I need to know this because I'm attempting to build her Mini Eagle along with a very good ATV Shop Owner and Mechanic Withrow Power Sports".

I bought my little girl a TAO-TAO Mini Eagle with a 110cc Loncin Four Stroke Motor two years ago for her birthday. I took extra precautions to make sure that nothing prematurely failed. As soon as I took the Quad out of the crate I went ahead and broke it down the rest of the way and put Nylon Lock Nuts and Permatex Heavy Duty Loc-Tite on every nut and bolt on the Chassis. Then I called the local Yamaha Dealer "Lee's Yamaha & Suzuki" and got the brake in procedure that they use on the Raptor 125cc Youth Quad, and Premixed the 93 Octane Fuel 100:1 with Klotz Super Techno-Plate Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil that I use in my Yamaha Banshee. After the Motor was broke in properly I changed the oil with Mobil-1 10W-40 ATV Oil mixed with two oz of TWO2Cool ATV Oil Additive.

Then I started research the week points and found out that the main problems associated with the Chines ATV's were:

  • Cheap Break In Oil From Factory (Equivalent to Canola Oil)
  • Cheap Restrictive Exhaust with EGR System
  • Junky non-adjustable 20mm Carburetor
  • Loose Nuts and Bolts
  • Cheap Soft Yard Tires that wear quickly
  • Frame Painted with Automotive Paint VS Powder Coat
So I got on eBay and ordered the Parts and Had a Local Machine Shop make the stuff that would fix those weak links:

  • I had already put Mobil-1 and Additive in the Motor so that took care of the Oil.

  • Brand New Full FMF Power Core 4 Exhaust (Head Pipe & Silencer) and EGR Block off Plate for a Honda TRX-90.

  • Brand New Mikuni VM-26, 26mm Performance Carburetor, UNI Dual Stage Foam Filter/Air Box Lid Inserts, 110cc Chinese Moped Air Box/Rubber Boot, Sky Performance Monster 26mm-28mm Carburetor Intake and Five Way Adjustable Intake Mount Base.

  • I had already replaced and Loc-Tited all the Fasteners with Stainless Nylon Loc Nuts/Bolts/Permatex HD Loc-Tite that were on the Chassis/Frame, so that solved that.

  • I ordered New Oversize 3-Lug Polished Aluminum Blue Label Douglas Wheels, and ITP Hole Shots from Nac's.

  • Brand New ADA Racing Cool Head Plate for a Honda TRX-90 with new Heavy Duty Gasket.

  • And I had Qualex Machine Tool and Die in Lexington Kentucky Build me a Complete set of Aluminum Skid Plates (A Arm, Belly, Rear Swing Arm) to protect The Frame.
After I did that I haven't done anything other than change the oil a couple of times and change out the Rear Brake Fluid in the Rear Brake Reservoir with PRESTONE D.O.T. 4. I haven't had one single problem until about a month ago. Her Quad just Stopped, I took it to Withrow Power Sports and had Matt take a look at it. He broke it down and found that she had bent a Intake Valve some how??? I figured since she Drag Raced (100ft Dirt Drags in the 10yr and under 50cc-125cc Youth Class) in the Near by County Fairs with me (392cc Banshee) and my Brother (TRX-250R) that I would buy some of the internal Performance Parts I ran across on the Internet when I was searching for her bolt parts. I bought a BCI Mega Cam and a set of SHINDY Performance Valves to go in the Loncin Head. It turns out that they wont fit the LONCIN but they will Fit the LIFAN. I figured with over 150hrs on the quad anyway she was due a new top end any way. I can buy the LIFAN Cylinder, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin, and Head for $65.00 and bolt it on the LONCIN Bottom End if it will work. I can buy just the LIFAN Head that the BCI Cam and SHINDY Valves will go in for $20.00. If just the LIFAN Head will bolt on the LONCIN Cylinder and the Existing LONCIN Piston and Rings are good I'd just go that rout. It should be fine because I broke it in right and I've run nothing but Mobil-1 10W-40 Full Synthetic Oil.

Please get back with me on this guy's. She's wanting to ride and while I'm in the motor I want to do it right. I don't want to put it back together and then decide I want to do more performance work and have the expense and time involved in having to get Withrow to tare it back down. Any input would be greatly be appreciated.


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