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worst wrecks!!!!!!!

Old 03-24-2000, 05:45 PM
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I have been in a few and witnessed a few of these mis-haps. I dont think any of these are as bad as some the ones I read in reply to this but here they go. The first one I recall was prolly the most recent: 4 of us were riding back home on a gravel road we were in a perfect line so no one would have to eat dust.....except the 4th person that got stuck behind the other 3. Which was me. Well I got fed up with eating all this dust and I realized that there was JUST enough room for me to shoot past on the shoulder......The 3 quads infront of me were another Wolverine, a Grizzly and an old Yamaha 350 Motto 4. So I gun the throttle and go whipping past on the shoulder right as I was making my move back in (infront of the group now) I notice that my efforts to turn are not producing any results.......My right side of the quad had been riding on the VERY edge of the ditch and the ground gave way and my quad started going down.......The first thing I did was realize there is no way im getting out of this so I steer INTO the ditch. It was about a 7 foot ditch and at the bottom a deep narrow washed away spot. My quad hit the washway and started to flip over on me. Luckily by an act of god the quad went over top of me laying me IN the washway while the quad went over top of me and continued to flip and roll 3 or 4 more times. I can honestly say it was a stupid mistake on my part but my quad was alright. It bent the front rack but I had been pondering removing my racks anyways and afterwards I decided that the Wolverines look better with out them anyways. So word to the wise they dont tell you not to pass on the shoulder for no reason! =- )

Another one that comes to mind the guy with the Grizzly was going up a steep hill in 2WD. Hlafway up he decides he is going to need 4WD. So he pushes the button to engage it.....Or so he thought he did. He didnt push the button hard enough. And he gunned the throttle the quad went like a ratchet it just went straight over backwards. Front over A$$ end 3 times and landed back on its wheels. The only damage sustained was a slight bend in the front rack. The owner was not pleased considering it was a week old! He gave himself a good cursing!

I used to have a small little Suzuki LT160. The person with the old Yamaha Motto 4 350 didnt have any headlights and it was dark out. Yes hes not the brightest! And I had met up with someone and was talking to them on the opposite side of the road when out of no where comes the Motto 4 and slams into the back of me. No one was hurt here either but his front bash plate was dented to hell and luckily my qaud had caught the blow right where the grab bar so no frame damage was caused but my 12 hour old brand new plastic was busted to crap.

And then one time a group of about 13 or 14 riders I believe were riding in a dry river bed. And we needed to get out of the river bed to get back to the trail we take home. All but 3 of the riders make it up this steep hill. The tricky part of this hill is right at the top you need to swing right as not to hit this tree and its hard cause the more riders that went up it the more torn up the ground was. So anyhow the next guy up is on a Banshee he starts up it doing fine in full control of the quad when all the sudden his rear tires started to spin luckily he had gotten an front bash plate for that thing has he ran into that tree so hard it left a good 2 inch dent in the tree! Not going to mention what his bash plate looked like.

Then my last story this was earlier during this river run. My dad and I had switched quads. I was riding his Grizzly and he had hopped on my little Suzuki LT160. (this was quite a while ago when I thought this thing was awesome =- ) ) My dad was just crusing along the river bed when all the sudden something got caught in the chain. The quad went from about 35 mph to a DEAD stop instantly. My dad literally went FLYING over the handle bars and landed in some water hole in the river. The quad was fine but my dad was rather dazed. (He let me ride my quad again after that)
Old 03-26-2000, 01:53 PM
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June of 99 i had a really bad accident. I was being stupid and just woke up and decided to take my banshee up this trail to warm it up. I was wearing shorts a cut off t-shirt, sandles, and no helmet. Remember i wasn't going to go fast. I made it up the trail and started back down. The next thing i know i'm waking up in the middle of the trail. I didn't know what happened and still have no clue. My friend was over a mile away and he heard me wreck. I got 22 stitches in my head, a broken collar bone, a scabs all over my body, chipped two teath and other miscellaneous contusions.

Check out my web page i have a pic of me in the hospital getting stitched up.
Old 03-26-2000, 11:39 PM
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1) Yesterday the 26th I saw a 200x role pretty bad
he was going up this real steep coal bank and in the middle was a little rock right were his front wheel goes. he road a wheelie after hitting the rock and the the tree and then rolling rolling and all i see is the gas tank go flying.
what gets me pissed off is that he didnt have the gas tank bolted down in the first place

2) my neighbor was going around a turn a while ago like 10 years ago, and there was a dirt biker flying around the turn and my neighbor was going fast to, my neighbor hit the dirtbiker and his bone poped out of is socket while the dirtbike went off the cliff and smaked his face off a tree limb nockign out most of his teeth.
But that wasnt the worst part, my dad had to go down and retrieve the bone that poped out of his socket !!!!

I had somenasty ones like being drug under the wheel and then down the hill
still have the scares from that 1
Old 03-29-2000, 04:44 PM
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Ok, August of '99 I was loading my 300EX into the back of my truck for a run to the practice track becaues my first race was only a week away. Just as my front tires get into the bed, I look down and see one of the chains to hold the rack to my tailgate break. I am thinking HOLY Spam wordSpam word Spam wordSpam word Spam wordSpam word Spam wordSpam word Spam wordSpam word Spam wordSpam word Spam wordSpam word Spam wordSpam word  just as the whole rack falls off and I am half into the truck. I went over the back of the quad and see it coming down on top of me. I am wearing no shirt, some shorts no helmet and no gloves and sandals. I reached up and pushed it away so it didnt land right on me. It lands about 2 inches away with my hand under the parking brake thing on the handlebars. Smashed two fingers, and cut them both to the bone. My driveway is gravel and I had 3 rocks almost an inch deep in my back, but I am still alive which I probably wouldnt be had it been anything heavier than a 300EX I dont think I could have pushed it away and the gas tank would have landed on my head.
I got away with some stiches and some bruises, didnt get to go racing though, and I am still anticipating my first race 2 weeks from now.
P.S. Made me a firm beliver in helmets and gloves, now I dont ride without them. I also rode some more that night when I got home from the ER. That didnt make the parents to happy!!
Old 03-31-2000, 11:54 PM
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some of you geeks should write a book. go ride your wheels instead of sitting on your a$$ and bull sh!ting.
Old 03-31-2000, 11:54 PM
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Join Date: Mar 2000
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some of you geeks should write a book. go ride your wheels instead of sitting on your a$$ and bull sh!ting.
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