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Yamoto 150cc Review

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Default Yamoto 150cc Review

ended up selling mine for what I paid. Lots of missing bolts, just had a very loose feel and a rough ride. Felt like a tractor compared the yerf Dog I bought as well. I think I'll stick to the bigger brands from here on out
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Default Yamoto 150cc Review

any 200 cc china quad of the same year or so will be the same..usually just differnt plastic.

good luck
we are selling our yamoto150 after a weekend of trail riding due to it being too small for our son.
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The guy who started this thread wanted a Banshee. Could only afford a Yamoto 150.
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My '04 Yamoto 150 is still going strong...Not real pretty these days but still gets the job done. Some how starts 1st kick, battery has been dead for 3 yrs easy) Its had a few mods since my wife moved up to the Jetmoto 200 a couple of years ago. I gave it to my oldest son and he put a carb from a Jetmoto 150 on it.(larger jets) Added a high rev box to the ignition and put different rollers in the CVT. It now gets abused by a bunch of guys in their early 20's at Pismo every summer.(my 2 sons and their friends) Also gets pounded in the dirt around my shop by the same guys. Some day something has to break but so far it seems to only be bending a little.
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we have a 04 or 05 150cc it's the mid size body auto bought it new in 05 for $1100 put together and i will say my son and his freinds have had a ball riding it as myself. but heres the thing the op said his would do 45 mph, i ran side by side the wifes car on our street and it maxes out @ 33 mph and she was just a screaming so i let off, i am 210 lbs. so has any one else realy checked the speed of this bike. and so far we have only changed the front bearings left side last year and last month the right side.but like the op said it gets up to in my case 33 mph in like 100 feet
and i let it wind out and scream for almost a full 1/4 mile.
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Maybe they meant kmh?

Or its typical Chinese "over advertising"
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My Yamoto 150 still runs despite lots of abuse...It always needs a jump since we broke the kickstarter. This machine hangs out at my shop and is driven daily...All different sizes of my sons friends have ridden it at one time or another...They are all in their early 20's and like to break things...Havnt broke it yet but it isnt the nicest looking ATV either..

It has started to smoke a bit during warm up but other than that. It is still providing lots of entertainment for anyone who rides it..
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Default need yamoto 150

I'm looking for a reverse gear for a 2006 yamoto 150.

Any help?


please email [email protected]
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Default Quick question

Originally Posted by DirtForAShirt View Post
I bought a Yamoto 150 about 4 weeks ago. I really wanted a Banshee like the one a buddy of mine has but I can't afford it at this point so I ended up buying a Yamoto for $1050 plus tax. The dealer was a local dealer so I ended up paying $1139 total. Before I purchased it, I did alot of comparisons with some of the other Chinese knockoffs and the Yamoto seemed to be the best bang for the buck. Anyways, here's my review after 4 weeks of riding:

Note: I'm a 6'1" man weighing in at about 250 pounds [img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif I'm exeeding the maximum load cap on the ATV by 50 pounds. You can get an idea on how much abuse went into the poor quad.

--FIRST IMPRESSION-- When examining it for the first time I was really impressed with the features. I really expected a $1000 piece of Chinese junk that would tie me over until I could get my Banshee. Turns out the quad really wasn't the piece of crap I expected it to be.

--CRAFTSMANSHIP-- Soon as got my hands on the ATV I rolled it into the garage and started stripping it down to the frame. I'm not sure where the steel came from but I assumed it was chinese steel. Most chinese steel has a little more iron in it than, let's say, 1015 carbon steel, therefore, has a tendancy to rust a little faster. Anyways, the frame welds looked decent enough. Everything looked OK untill I got to the welds for the shock mounts. The upper shock mount on the frame looked like a 9 year old welded it. It looked like the bead/s were just piled on top of each other. Just outta curiosity (and safety), I busted out my ole angle grinder and started grinding down the weld all the way to the joint. I expected gaps underneath but it seemed solid enough. I rewelded the mount and repainted the exposed steel. Better to be safe than sorry.

Next, I inspected the body.... same cheap plastic typical of most ATV's. I was going to take my calipers and measure the thickness of the material and compare it to a Raptor 80 body but I havn't gotten around to it yet. If anybody has calipers would they mind taking a measurement for me and post it here. It would be interesting to see how they compare. Oh, I forgot to mention. I had a run in with a barb-wire fence. The front fender took the beating and ended up busting the front body mount and two side mounts located unter the fenders. The wire was high enough to clear the low-mounted front bumper and also snapped both of the plastic mounts on the headlights. A little epoxy fixed all off that. However, after rinsing it with a hose I noticed that the headlight was no longer sealed from water. The lens is glued to the headlight casing with what looks like clear silicon chalking. The headlights weren't that bright to begin with so I ran down to AutoZone and picked up some halogen fog lights for $40.

I did have a few notes on the drivetrain and brakes. The tranny is a fully automatic belt drive that requires no clutchin and shifting. Pretty much it's "press the gas and haul ***". There's a good slogan for ya [img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif Anyways, it's great for riders like my wife that don't know how to ride a bike/atv with a manual tranny/clutch. Another thing worth mentioning is the drive chain. It's slighly thicker than my Suzuki 400's original chain. I pay 5 grand for a quality bike and it's got a whimpier chain than this atv. Go figure.

Now, for the brakes. The front mechanical brake pads are made from that cheap pressed particle board. For sure they won't last long... especially if water gets inside the drum. The atv does come with 2 extra pads located at the rear of the tranny. They are reminisant of the old Kazuma design so the dealer told me. The orginal Kazumas were supposed to have a tranny brake instead of a rear disc brake. Apparently, Yamoto has evolved the original Kazuma design and installed a rear hydraulic disc brake which work at stopping a 250 pound guy going 45 mph.

--THE RIDE-- I was suprised on how the 150cc engine pulled me around. On my first ride I started the engine up with the electric start. No problems there since day 1. After doing a few circles in my front yard to get a good feel of the throttle and warm the engine up, I was ready to haul butt down the street. I expected alot of clutch slipping followed by a little bogging during initial acceleration but that wasn't the case. It gave me a nice jump right off the bat and smooth acceleration to top speed. I hit the top end (about 45 mph) right about 3 houses from my house. It actually accelerates pretty dam fast up to about 35-40 mph and then gradually get to about 45 mph. I'm sure it's because of my weight. Another small test I tried was to see how it handles pulling me up a drainage ditch bank from a dead start at the bottom. The engine bogged a little at the start then the clutch started to slip a bit. Soon as I got some clutch slippage the engine revved up to mid RPM's and that's all she wrote. I hauled butt up the bank with no problem. I had my wife's younger brother try this. He's weighs in at about 160 pounds. He had zero engine bog and gunned it up the bank.

The suspension is really the only thing I havn't liked about the ATV. It's too stiff for handling decent ruts and bumps at higher speeds. The first inch or so of suspension travel are soft enough. Unfortunetely, I'm too heavy for the ATV and soon as I sit on it I've already compressed the shock springs to the point where the suspension gets a little stiffer. I would recommend that anobody over 200 pounds buy a bigger quad or, in my case, lose some weight [img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif You don't wanna try jumping off drainage ditch banks with the stiffer suspension. My tailbone has been hurting for 2 weeks now. Anyways, I like modifying anything mechanical so this weekend I'll grab some longer adjustable shocks and move the shock mounts to fit them. This should fix the problem.

Well, there's my review. I'll be doing my best to bust welds and generally tear the ATV up. Yes, I like to fix things that much! I'll keep you guys posted on any weak points I encounter. For those of you that think I'm a nut, no, I won't be doing this to my Banshee. I've thoughely stress tested my buddy's [img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif

hello! The rewiew was very good but i have an question. What size is the drivebelt? I could not find any numbers on mine when it broke because it was in thousends of pieces
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